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ExpoGarden invested more than 500 million kwanzas in the rehabilitation of 28 gardens in Luanda

In the last three years, ExpoGarden has invested over 500 million kwanzas to rehabilitate a total of 28 gardens in the capital. The requalification took place under the 'Adopte um Jardim' project, which, according to Tiago Pinto, the company's general director, has "as a flag, the prospect of making the city and peripheral areas of Luanda greener".


Speaking to the market, the official explained that in order to implement this program, the company had the collaboration of other institutions, with the Luanda Administrative Commission coordinating the project.

He also clarified that "it was possible to requalify all the roundabouts covered by the project, given the adhesion and effort of some partner companies", having started to "annex other areas, extending the project to construction sites and lane separators".

The Kinanga roundabout, in Samba, was the focus of the project's prototype, he said, quoted by Mercado. Thus, said the official, they managed to carry out several landscape experiences and, currently, the space has a set of several species.

Taking into account this work, Tiago Pinto revealed that the company won a public tender to rehabilitate the green areas of Talatona, with 'Adopt Um Jardim' arriving at the Fubu roundabout, writes Mercado.

Regarding the expansion of this project to other provinces of the country – such as Huambo, Benguela and Cuando Cubango –, the official said that there are partners who have this desire, adding that this goal is also part of the company's plans.

However, for this, it is necessary to invest in the local production of flowers, but also to make entrepreneurs aware of social and environmental responsibility, writes the Market.

Thus, "before thinking about taking the project to other provinces, it should be expanded to other peripheral areas of Luanda province, such as Zango, Camama, Viana, Cacuaco", he said, quoted by Mercado.

Regarding the project, he also said that although it is for profit, it aims to help improve social and environmental awareness as well as the population's quality of life.

He also clarified that the application of 'Adopt a Garden' was possible because of the opening of the former administrator of the district of Ingombotas, Rui Duarte, and the president of the Administrative Commission of Luanda, Maria Antónia Nelumba, writes the Market.

ExpoGarden is owned by Sagribengo, which is dedicated to the cultivation of plants and flowers in Bengo. This farm – which belongs to the WM Group and was founded in 2012 – has 70 hectares of land, is capable of producing 1000 tropical flowers a day and has 114 employees.

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