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National printers receive about 21 billion kwanzas to print textbooks

A total of 21.7 billion kwanzas will be given to nine printers in the country to help with the costs of editing, printing and distributing 49 million textbooks.


This is the first time that textbooks, referring to the beginner's classes and primary education for the next school year, will be edited and printed in the country. According to Expansão, the printers will print the textbooks after a multisectoral team composed of representatives of civil society has reviewed the books.

Remember that last March the Ministry of Education visited several printers to analyze their printing capacity, and chose nine national printers to ensure the printing of schoolbooks.

Gildo Matias, Secretary of State for Secondary Education, quoted by Expansão, made it known that the analysis "carried out in the field" by the Ministry "showed that the country already has a printing plant that is up to the quantitative and qualitative needs of textbook production.

The official indicated that nine printers were chosen "that presented the best conditions and capacity to meet deadlines," but did not reveal the name of the companies in question.

Last year, Angola spent 16.3 billion kwanzas in the acquisition of 35 million textbooks that were printed in South Africa. The forecasts of the Ministry of Education pointed to the distribution of 94 million copies, but with the appearance of the pandemic the numbers have changed.

For the 2021/2022 school year, the Ministry intends to distribute about 49 million books throughout the country.

According to Expansão, the distribution of books will be made by land and air and will rely on the logistical help of the Military House of the President of the Republic. Committees will be created in the provinces to ensure the dissemination of the books.