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"King of salt" in the country expects to increase production to 250,000 tons this year

The largest salt producer in the country, Adérito Areias, is expanding his salt production area, in Benguela province, and expects to reach a production of 250 thousand tons this year.


The businessman, who leads the AA (Adérito Areias) group with a vast business portfolio, where the production and marketing of sea salt, fishing and fish processing, farming and livestock and ship repair stand out, said that production is intended primarily for the domestic market.

"My job is to produce salt and sell it to my clients, they are the ones who place it. This year we are going to reach 250 thousand tons, which is very good", he declared to Lusa, on the margin of a conference on Economy of the Sea that took place this Wednesday, in Luanda.

The increase was due to the increase of the salt pans, in Baía Farta.

"We have about 1,200 hectares producing salt and I want to increase 350 hectares," he said, estimating that the expansion will allow us to produce 50,000 more tons of salt than last year.

Adérito Areias employs about 3000 workers only in the salt production, mostly women, being this the second most profitable area of the group, after fish.

"We have eleven boats working for us", says the entrepreneur from Benguela, underlining, however, that fishing is scarce.

"I think that there was an excess of catches, the biomass is weak, it is necessary that the inspection is effective", he commented, considering that "there are already improvements" and that "the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is making a great effort".

The leader of the family group, created more than seven decades ago, says that the pandemic had little effect on the business of the group that invoiced around 57 million dollars last year.

"We functioned normally, we were always working, we didn't have many problems," he assured, indicating that he expects "a small increase" in turnover in 2021.