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Sanitary fence in Luanda could be lifted next month

The sanitary fence may no longer be a reality in the capital. The Minister of State and Head of the Security House of the President of the Republic, Francisco Pereira Furtado, said that the possibility of raising the sanitary fence in Luanda is being studied and that news may arise with the update of the new presidential decree, on August 8.


Explaining that the technical group of the steering center of the multi-sectoral commission made a "reflection" on the subject, the minister said that this analysis will now be "subject to treatment at a higher level".

Speaking to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), the official indicated that "in the updating phase of the new presidential decree," on August 8, there may be new developments.

"It may be that we slow down, remove the sanitary fence in Luanda," he informed.

However, Francisco Pereira Furtado did not rule out the possibility of implementing the sanitary fence in other provinces of the country: there may be "reason to apply the sanitary fence in some provinces where we are noticing the mutation of the virus to the capital".