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First Angolans retained in Portugal start returning on Friday with test

The first flight for the repatriation of Angolan citizens in Lisbon is scheduled for Friday, with priority for patients, the elderly and families with children, who must have tested the new coronavirus 72 hours before the trip.


The information was advanced by the Minister of Transport, Ricardo de Abreu, in a press conference, on the situation of the pandemic of covid-19 in the country, which now has 812 positive cases and 33 deaths.

Ricardo de Abreu said that, since March, TAAG, the national airline, has carried 3750 passengers.

According to the minister, a program was established to ensure the arrival of Angolan citizens in an orderly manner, totaling 1800 in Lisbon and around 300 in Porto, who expressed an interest in returning.

The minister also stressed that a set of procedures to be adopted for the flights were established, which should start on Friday and continue over the next weeks and months, until the end of the year.

Citizens with priority on this first flight are those who have valid ticket tickets, issued by TAAG, namely passengers who had traveled to Portugal for health reasons and who have already finished their medical boarding period, the elderly, families with children, and, if there is space, another type of passengers.

The flight is scheduled to leave Lisbon at 8:00 am, the boarding conditions being determined by the presentation of the covid-19 test, using the pre-boarding molecular test known as RT-PCR, performed 72 hours before the trip.

"There is also the condition that these same passengers have to accept the quarantine centers or the designated hotels of their stay during the institutional quarantine", informed the minister.

During the trip, all passengers must be accompanied by protective masks, either at the airport or on the plane.

Regarding luggage, Ricardo de Abreu informed that business class passengers were given the possibility to transport 32 kilograms, in three volumes, and for economy class passengers, the right to two volumes, of 23 kilograms.

Upon arrival in the country, the luggage will be disinfected, and, later, identified and collected on the plate by the passengers.

"After this identification of the luggage collection, the passenger must go to the buses, which will be available for transportation, to the quarantine centers or to the designated hotels", said Ricardo de Abreu.

In quarantined places, medical and medication assistance will be provided by the Ministry of Health, from the airport where some screening procedures will be observed, as well as afterwards in quarantine centers, where they must remain 14 days.

The designated quarantine locations for this first flight are the Vitória Garden and Station hotels, the Kwanza Lodge and the Infortur.

During the period of stay in the quarantine places, passengers will be tested and based on their results, the next steps to be performed will be determined.

The flights will be carried out with a periodicity of 14 days, that is, as the quarantine centers have space availability. However, advance trips can be made, properly coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Angolan embassy in Portugal, so that there is advance notification of the people on the lists.

For citizens who are in Porto, next week there should also be a repatriation flight, said the government official.

Passengers will be made available, even on the plane, a set of useful information regarding their stay in the quarantine center, namely specific instructions on their behavior in the spaces provided, as well as information will be given to the airline about the appropriate behavior throughout the flight. and also at the airport.

Ricardo de Abreu appealed to citizens who return to have an urban and civic attitude and behavior, because over the past few weeks some behaviors and images have been observed that have circulated on social networks “little civic, inappropriate, using inappropriate language about the collective effort that is being done and that it should deserve everyone's respect ”.

“We are prepared for the accountability and criminalization of all these acts, and we will use all the necessary means to defend the good name and the collective effort that we have been making, as well as to protect the assets, which are often, deliberately , damaged or destroyed by these citizens, ”he said.

The minister guaranteed that citizens who do not behave properly during the whole process will not embark from Lisbon or Porto, warning that the circumstances are not normal, neither from the point of view of airport management.

"We call for everyone's understanding and patience, so that we can have the process that, in practice, dignifies the good name of the country and all Angolan citizens. Therefore, citizens who will not behave appropriately and appropriately to circumstances and the effort that everyone is making ", reiterated the minister.


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