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Covid-19: Ministry of Health clarifies that it is not issuing vaccine certificates

The Ministry of Health has clarified that it is not issuing covid-19 vaccine certificates, after noticing that some people are concerned about registering on the international vaccine card.


In a press release, the Ministry of Health clarifies that, to date, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet guided countries on the procedures to be followed for the international registration of vaccination against covid-19.

"As soon as the guidelines in this regard appear, we will take the necessary steps for this purpose and, in due time, we will communicate to all users", refers in the statement, in which the ministry informs that "what guarantees the certification of the vaccine is the registration of the batch and the manufacturer on the card that was issued by Minsa and given to the citizen in the act of vaccination".

That government agency urges the population to "remain vigilant and not value the information that circulates on social networks that tend to confuse and discredit the vaccination process."

In another communiqué, the Luanda Provincial Health Office reinforces the measure, after verifying an administrative act, without prior authorization, by the employees of the Expanded Vaccination Program of that body, "who registered the covid-19 vaccines on the vaccine cards International.

The Provincial Health Office in Luanda determines that "this act is strictly prohibited, under penalty of incurring an offense and being punished under Decree 33/91, of 26 June, which aims to discipline public officials and administrative agents" .

"It is the users' responsibility to keep their vaccine cards and not go to the Provincial Health Office for registration", the note emphasizes.

Angola has its ongoing vaccination program against covid-19, which started on 2 March this year, and up to last week 1,145,108 people had been vaccinated.

The World Health Organization reports that a total of 2,172,000 doses of the vaccine against covid-19 have been allocated to Angola so far this month, as part of doses donated to more than 92 low-income countries by the partners of the Covax initiative. .

Currently, around 30,000 doses of vaccines are administered daily to the population, with the expectation of reaching the target of at least 20% of the population by the end of the year.