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Shareholdings of the extinct BOLAMA and CERVAL are transferred to the State

João Lourenço determined that the shareholdings held by the extinct public companies BOLAMA and CERVAL "transfer to the ownership of the State", with the Ministry of Finance exercising the shareholder function.


According to presidential order no. 94/21 of 11 June, to which Lusa had access, the fate of the shares of the extinct Empresa Regional de Massa e Cookie (BOLAMA) and Empresa Nacional de Cervejas (CERVAL) arises in the context of the privatization of Bank of Commerce and Industry (BCI).

The legal diploma, signed by João Lourenço, states that the joint executive decree that determined the extinction of CERVAL did not indicate the assets and rights that the State intends to preserve for itself.

The specification of the aforementioned shareholdings also appears, according to the presidential order, due to the "need to liquidate the assets comprising the equity mass" of the extinct BOLAMA.

And the need, underlined in the document, to "indicate the destination of the shareholdings held by the extinct public companies in BCI", a public capital bank, whose privatization process on the stock exchange is underway.

In another order, the President authorizes the privatization, through a public tender, of 16 industrial units located in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (ZEE) as part of the Privatization Program (ProPriv).

The companies AngolaCabos (Industry of Optical Fiber Cables), ANGTOR (Industry of Faucets), INFER (Industry of Handles, Hinges, Locks and Cylinders), INDUGALV (Chrome, Nickel-plating and Zinc-plating), BOMBAGUA (Pumps) are now on the privatization route. of Water for Irrigation), INDUPLASTIC (Industry of Plastic Sanitary/Domestic Products).

INDUMASSAS (Industry of Food Pasta), NINHOFLEX (Industry of Foam Mattresses, Springs and Pillows), INDUPAME (Industry of Industrial Ships in Metallic Structure), BTMT (Industry of Electrical Panels), BETONAR (Industry of Prefabricated Products, Pre-Stressed Products and Concrete Artifacts), INDUCABOS (Industry of Low and Medium Voltage Electric Cables) will also be privatized.

The list of industrial units of the ZEE to be privatized also includes the companies MATEELETRICA (Industry of Switches, Plugs, Switchgear and Switchgear Boxes), INDULOUÇAS (Industry of Conventional Toilets), INDUTUBOS (Industry of Tubes and Accessories) and FUNDINAR (Metal Alloy Casting).

In presidential order No. 92/21 of 11 June, João Lourenço delegates competence to the Minister of Finance with the faculty of sub-delegating, for the approval of the documents of the tender procedure, the creation of the evaluation committee and the verification of the validity and legality of all acts of the public tender.

This is the third phase of privatization of the ZEE industrial units, as recently announced by the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for the Management of State Assets and Participations (IGAPE), Patrício Vilar.

The Government's ProPriv program foresees the privatization of more than 190 companies and/or State assets by 2022 in the sectors of banking, hotels and tourism, finance, insurance, agriculture, telecommunications, industries, oil, among others.