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BestFly interested in privatization of Cape Verde's CV Handling

The executive director of BestFly, Nuno Pereira, admitted to Lusa the interest of the Angolan company, which took over this Monday the public service concession of inter-island air transport in Cape Verde, in the announced privatization of the Cape Verdean state company CV Handling.


"We are open for business. That's the truth," said the head of the group, which besides Angola and now Cape Verde, operates in Portugal, Dubai and the Republic of Congo, having initially emerged as a handling company.

"We believe we can bring value, add wealth to the places where we go," said Nuno Pereira, in an interview with Lusa.

The Cape Verdean government recently assumed with the International Monetary Fund that it remains committed to the privatization plan started in 2019, which was suspended last year due to the covid-19 pandemic, and plans to resume it.

On that list, among other companies, including the concession of public utilities, is CV Handling, the public company that provides ground support for aircraft at the four international airports and three airfields, which the government intends to privatize.

"We are open to all business. I can't go into details, but we are open to all business, not least because we, BestFly, started out as a handling company," said the group's CEO, invited by the Cape Verdean government to take over the emergency six-month concession, starting this Monday, of the public inter-island air transport service in Cape Verde.

The choice was announced Friday by the Government, in view of the absence, for several weeks, of tickets and flights scheduled by Transportes Interilhas de Cabo Verde (TICV, of the Spanish group Binter) as of May 17 - in an apparent dispute with the Government, claiming financial support due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic - this being the only one operating, for almost three years, the internal air connections.

The government's list of privatizations also includes, among others, the concession of airport management, currently handled by the public company ASA.