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João Lourenço exonerates general officers

This Monday, the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, supported by the Law of National Defense and Angolan Armed Forces, and after hearing the National Security Council, decided to exonerate six general officers.

: Pedro Parente/Angop
Pedro Parente/Angop  

According to the Civil House of the Presidency, six general officers of the Presidency have been exonerated. Among the dismissed officers are Lieutenant-General Ernesto Guerra Pires, who held the position of advisor to the Minister of State and head of the President's Security House, and Lieutenant-General Angelino Domingos Vieira, who was the Secretary for Personnel and Staff of the President's Security House.

The list also includes Lieutenant-General José Manuel Felipe Fernandes (General Secretary of the President's Security House) and Lieutenant-General João Francisco Cristóvão (cabinet director of the Minister of State and head of the President's Security House).

Lieutenant-General Paulo Maria Bravo da Costa, secretary for Logistics and Infrastructures of the President's Security House, and Brigadier José Barroso Nicolau, who was the former principal assistant of the Secretariat for the Affairs of Intelligence and State Security Organs of the President's Security House, were also removed from their positions, according to a note.

The statement of the Casa Civil came at the same time that the PGR announced the seizure of several million dollars, euros and kwanzas as part of an investigation of officers of the Armed Forces assigned to the Presidency of the Republic. However, no link was made between the seizures and the exonerations.