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Armed Forces officers arrested as they tried to remove millions from the country

The authorities in Luanda announced Monday that they have seized several million dollars, euros and kwanzas as part of an investigation into officers of the Armed Forces assigned to the Presidency of the Republic.


In a statement, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) made public a criminal case "in which officers of the Angolan Armed Forces assigned to the President's Security House are involved, on suspicion of committing crimes of embezzlement, retention of currency, criminal association and others.

In the action "monetary values were seized in hard cash, kept in boxes and suitcases, in the order of millions, in US dollars, in euros and in kwanzas, as well as residences and vehicles," the statement added.

Last week, Novo Jornal reported that the chief financial officer of the musical band of the Presidency of the Republic, Major Pedro Lussaty, had been arrested while carrying two suitcases loaded with 10 million dollars (the equivalent of 8.1 million euros) and 4 million euros, and wrote that the investigated "did not justify the possession and allegedly sought to withdraw the money from the country."

Contacted by Lusa, a source at the PGR confirmed it was the same case.