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Vera Daves: “Only a person who respects the truth can work as a public servant”

The Minister of Finance said, in Luanda, that only a person who respects the truth, acts with moral rectitude and does not seek any form of remuneration other than his salary can work as a civil servant.


Vera Daves de Sousa made these statements at the swearing-in ceremony of recently appointed MINFIN Central and Guardian Bodies. In the message addressed to the new leaders, the person responsible for the Finance portfolio emphasized the values ​​of integrity, probity, rigor, competence, responsibility and discipline, transparency and impartiality and the continuous search for excellence.

"If we all act according to this ethical and deontological framework, we will obtain better results," said the minister, in a statement sent to VerAngola.

The official appealed to those present not to forget the meaning of excellence and the achievement of the results it provides: improving the way of life of Angolans. "We are civil servants, and nothing can be more proud of us than a service without blemish, which contributes, effectively, to improve the lives of citizens", she stressed.

Vera Daves also emphasized the practical concept and the importance of teamwork, saying that the results that are delivered every day for the benefit of citizens are not just the result of individual work. they are, in fact, results of teamwork. Teamwork, he continued, carried out in an organizational climate that wants to be "healthy, the result of strong, demanding, aggregating and inspiring leaderships, which improve and integrate individual performances". "Each of us is relevant in the sense of adding value to the teams," said the minister.

She also explained that there is much to be done to improve the results of the work carried out in that ministerial department, looking with particular attention to the quality and speed of responses to requests. "This is true for all MINFIN leaders," she said.

"To do this, it is necessary to know and adopt the established procedures, practice and defend the values ​​that strengthen our organizational climate. Values ​​that make the Ministry of Finance impregnable in the face of any and all practices that may harm the resources that the State has to serve the Angolans: families and companies ", he guaranteed.

For their part, the newly sworn in swore to cooperate in the realization of the higher ends of the State, to defend the fundamental principles of the order established in the Constitution of the Republic and to respect the Laws, dedicating themselves to the public service with zeal, intelligence and aptitude.