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Judicial system in Angola must change to fight corruption, says Pepetela

Angolan writer Pepetela believes that the judicial system in Angola has to be changed and improved in order to fight corruption more effectively, stating that "there are people badly chosen" for positions in this area.

: Gonçalo Rosa da Silva/Visão
Gonçalo Rosa da Silva/Visão  

Admitting that corruption is another plague difficult to fight, Artur Carlos Maurício Pestana dos Santos, known as Pepetela, told Lusa that "there are certain procedures, certain structures that were created, very quickly, that have to be changed and improved.

On the other hand, the writer also considered that "there are people who were badly chosen for certain positions" in the Angolan justice system, although without naming anyone.

For this reason, "the fight has begun, something is happening, there is news of the opening of an action against a certain person," but "perhaps not in the way we might think," he mentioned.

For Pepetela, the problem in fighting corruption is that "this is a new experience" in Angola. For this reason, "there are no cadres, investigators, prosecutors" prepared for the type of cases in question, because "the financial issues are extremely complex.

In other words, "the State itself was not prepared to engage in a fight of such magnitude," he concluded.

The author of works such as "Utopia", "Kianda's wish", "Jaime Bunda", among other numerous books he has written, received this week the dstangola/Camões literary award from the hands of the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, in a ceremony at the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon that marked the World Day of the Portuguese Language, May 5, where he gave a joint interview to Lusa and Deutch Vela.

The prize was awarded to him for his most recent book "Sua Excelência, de Corpo Presente".