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TAAG went to China to pick up 30 tons of biosafety materials

TAAG began humanitarian flights to transport biosafety materials from China on Saturday, after the state terminated the contract with Ethiopian Airlines, according to an official source for the national carrier.


The first flight to China left Luanda on Saturday and returned this Domigngo to the capital with 30 tons of various biosafety materials, said TAAG spokesman Carlos Vicente.

According to the official, the company has made cargo transportation flights to China, Portugal, Cuba and Brazil and is now starting to transport biosafety equipment.

These flights were being operated by Ethiopian Airlines, but last week the government terminated the contract with the Ethiopian carrier.

According to the Multi-sectoral Commission for the Prevention and Combat of Covid-19, the use, "by private entities unrelated to the contract, of part of the capacity of aircraft chartered by Angola, to bring in the means" was at stake.

Carlos Vicente added that TAAG is adapting a fleet aircraft, a Boeing 737, for cargo transportation.

“In view of the situation caused by the pandemic, many airlines have planes on the ground and are taking measures to transport cargo, to make the fleet more profitable. This plane has both versions - cargo and passenger transport - and we are transforming it for cargo ”, he explained.

TAAG has also carried out inter-provincial cargo flights, essentially in the provinces of Huíla, Zaire and Cabinda, he added.

“We are open and available to the national business community,” said Carlos Vicente.