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Organization raises funds to help albinos in Angola

The Angolan sociocultural agency "Kuenda" lamented this Friday the socioeconomic condition of many albinos in Angola and is trying to raise funds to subsidize, in a first phase, sun protection creams for about three thousand albinos in need.


According to the director of the referred agency, Lauro Cassule, who promotes the initiative in partnership with the Media Library Network of Angola, the albino population in the country is in "a situation of vulnerability and needs special protection from the authorities".

The so-called "Albinism Awareness Days June 13" were launched on April 13 and will run until June 13, the date on which Albinism Day is celebrated.

The initiative also proposes to "get support from the State in reducing customs taxes on these products in order to reduce prices for final consumption.

In statements to Lusa, Lauro Cassule, who asks for the massive involvement of the whole society, explained that the days are structured in three activities, among them an exhibition fair of products and services for albino people, planned between June 10 and 12.

"We are here to stimulate companies and others who provide services also in the field of social responsibility to include albino people," he said, noting that the initiative aims to reach, in the initial phase, about 3000 direct beneficiaries.

The organization says that a process of registration of albino people is underway at the country level, with the support of associations linked to albinism, when campaigns are also scheduled for albinos not associated.

"It's an ongoing process, we still don't have a precise number of beneficiaries, although we estimate about 3,000 direct beneficiaries, in a first phase, but obviously we have more numbers and now we need to continue to engage them," he argued.

The official stressed that "most of the albino population in Angola is economically needy, requires a lot of care, and has few financial resources to meet their health needs.

"The acquisition of creams and access to dermatology and ophthalmology consultations is still a distant reality for most of this population," he noted.

"But we are strengthening teamwork in the sense of unifying the associations in this cause," he pointed out, defending a "national plan of assistance for albino people who need this support.

An activity to raise awareness of skin cancer is also scheduled as part of the days, with the organization wanting to set a world record for the largest live streaming audience in support of albinism.

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