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Government approves privatization strategy for Zahara Group in 2021

The interministerial commission in charge of privatizations approved Tuesday the strategy for the alienation this year of the Zahara group, and made the "state of play" about the preparation of the assets of the telecommunications sector, announced the government of Luanda.


The commission in charge of implementing the Privatisation Programme (Propriv), led by the Ministry of Economic Coordination, approved "the strategy for privatisation of the respective assets, throughout 2021, through the transfer of the operation and management rights to a private entity, via a public tender," the ministry headed by Manuel Nunes Júnior said in a statement.

The commission also approved the Propriv program for 2021, which foresees the beginning, until the end of the year, of the privatization process of 113 assets in state hands.

Besides the privatization of the Zahara Group - which expands in the areas of distribution, commerce, real estate, logistics, services, and industry, and includes brands such as Nosso Super, Kero, Xyami, Cinemax, Protech, Polida, Kuida, MUV, GesPro and Pangolé - the Propriv commission reiterated its intention to start "still this year" the privatization of the assets in the telecommunications sector - Net One, TV Cabo and Multitel.

The monthly meeting of the commission was also marked by the inclusion of five companies in the privatisation programme, namely CIF Cement Company, CIF SGS Automóveis, CIF Lowendo Brewery Company, CIF Logística and Damer Gráficas, which "will be transferred to the private sector, after their recovery by the State, under the asset recovery process," the statement said.