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Luanda: six killed and 11 injured in road accidents at the weekend

Police in Luanda recorded six deaths and 11 injuries from a total of 17 road accidents last weekend, the corporation announced.


The data are contained in a balance sheet about the public safety situation, in the last 72 hours, of a long weekend, pointing out that of the total accidents 11 were run over, "presumably resulting from the lack of precaution of the public road users. generally speaking, in which 17 citizens were victims, some, unfortunately, lost their lives and others contracted serious injuries ".

With regard to the regularization and inspection of motor traffic, the police imposed 205 fines on motorists, for various violations of the Highway Code.

During the period in question, police actions also resulted in the seizure of four firearms, 53 grams of liamba, the recovery of a vehicle and the arrest of 89 citizens, presumed to be the authors of several crimes.

"The detention of three national citizens of 20, 22 and 45 years of age for the alleged authorship of the crime of voluntary and frustrated homicide, using a firearm and a white knife, in which three citizens of 17, 18 and 26 years old ", stresses the police, in the balance sheet.

The police emergency service registered 955 requests for police intervention, which is also highlighted in the document.