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Former chief of staff defends greater dignity for retired military personnel

The former chief of staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (CEMGFAA) defended, in Luanda, the need to give greater dignity to the military at the end of their career.


Francisco Pereira Furtado, 63, with 43 years of military career, spoke on the theme "Peace as an Imperative Factor for the Stability and Development of Angola", at the opening of the patriotic days alluding to April 4, Day of Peace and Reconciliation National, promoted by the General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces.

"It is necessary to work towards giving greater dignity to the officers, particularly at the end of their military career, creating conditions so that the generals really, particularly, having the advance knowledge of their reform, so that they prepare themselves with dignity" , said Furtado.

According to the former CEMGFAA, in 2008, an in-depth study was carried out, which lasted 17 months, on the need to implement the Armed Forces reform process.

"And in this study, some proposals were listed on how to conduct this process, creating conditions in advance for better dignity for general officers, particularly, and other officers after the completion of their military career," he revealed.

On the issue raised, the current CEMGFAA, Egídio de Sousa Santos, said that he took note of the concern that he will raise to the competent authorities.

In January of this year, retired retired combatants threatened to take to the streets to demand payment of an accumulated debt of 130 billion kwanzas.

The more than 1600 senior general officers, retired captains and subordinates, widows and orphans are complaining of cuts in their retirement pensions and in the allowances of widowed maids of former combatants since 2009, being without means of subsistence.

However, the demonstration was suspended after the defense minister promised to pay half of the debt, "in a phased manner".

The former CEMGFAA also expressed the need to value and recognize freedom fighters and national heroes, suggesting the construction of a national pantheon.

"We are proud of the fact that alone we established peace and almost alone that we have heard a lot of the problems that arise from it. The national and anonymous heroes of this country deserve to be recognized even though in life and the story must be told by the protagonists of our own country. country life, "he said.

For Francisco Pereira Furtado, he can join the national decorations, the stimuli, the praises and assistance to former combatants and veterans of the country, widows and war orphans, to all "citizens who stood out in the different spheres of national life, no military only, a national pantheon ".

"And also provincial pantheons, aiming to receive the remains of all those who stood out in the different spheres and stages of the recent history of the country. That this will be a deserved recognition for the children of our homeland", he stressed.