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João Lourenço: “We bet on youth, on women, but also on knowledge and science”

At the inauguration ceremony of the new governors, which took place this Wednesday in Luanda, the President of the Republic made a point of highlighting the choice of Adjany Costa as minister, highlighting the tourism sector and the role that he may come to assume as development promoter and revenue generator in the country.


The Head of State addressed the untapped potential in the sector, considering that it can still generate many jobs in the territory. He said that to reverse this situation, he has the capacity of the new portfolio holder, who despite his age has already managed to attract the interest of investors to the area through his projects.

"We bet on youth, on women, but also on knowledge and science," said João Lourenço, quoted by Angop. The President of the Republic thus reiterated his vote of confidence in the biologist, ichthyologist (study of fish) and conservationist Adjany Costa, sworn in as Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment.

The minister herself - the youngest of the Government and the history of Angola - pointed out as a first challenge the integration of the three sectors that previously constituted autonomous ministerial departments. "They are completely separate universes, but with lines of thought that can be integrated," said Adjany Costa.

The biologist also mentioned that it is time to stop looking at conservation as landscapes, considering that it must be seen in the perspective of the integration of local communities, as a component of tourism.

In one of the ceremonies that took place this morning, ministers João Ernesto dos Santos (National Defense and Veterans of the Fatherland), Téte António (Foreign Affairs), Marcy Cláudio Lopes (Territory Administration), António Francisco de Assis (Agriculture and Fisheries), took office, Victor Francisco dos Santos Fernandes (Industry and Commerce) and Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, (Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas).

In the same act, the ministers Manuel Tavares de Almeida (Public Works and Spatial Planning), Manuel Gomes da Conceição Homem (Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication) and Adjany da Silva Freitas Costa (Culture, Tourism and Environment) also took office.

In another ceremony, Adão de Almeida took office as Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic.

Finally, in a third ceremony, it was the turn of State Secretaries José Maria de Lima (National Defense), Afonso Carlos Neto (Military Industry), Domingos André Tchikanha (Veterans of the Fatherland), Laurienda Jacinto Prazeres Monteiro (Territory Administration) and Márcio de Jesus Lopes Daniel (Local Authorities).

José Carlos Lopes da Silva Bettencourt (Agriculture and Livestock), André de Jesus Moda (Forests), Esperança Maria Eduardo Francisco (Fisheries), Ivan Magalhães do Prado (Industry), Amadeu de Jesus Alves Leitão Nunes (Commerce) in Jânio da Rosa Corrêa Victor, (Mineral Resources), José Alexandre Barroso (Oil and Gas), Carlos Alberto Gregório dos Santos (Public Works), Ana Paula Chantre Luna de Carvalho (Spatial Planning), Mário Augusto da Silva Oliveira (Telecommunications and Technologies of Information), Nuno dos Anjos Caldas Albino, (Social Communication), Maria da Piedade de Jesus (Culture) and Paula Cristina Francisco Coelho (Environment).

Mendes Lourenço Gaspar was also sworn in, but in the position of deputy governor of the province of Lunda Sul for the Political, Social and Economic sector.


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