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Omunga defends change in the way of appointing office holders in justice

The Angolan non-governmental organization Omunga defended that it is necessary to "seriously rethink" the way of choosing office holders in justice, which in recent days has faced a crisis.


"Perhaps the time has come to seriously rethink how the holders of these positions are appointed, under penalty of cyclically being presented with this national shame", says the statement to which the agency had access.

In the document, Omunga emphasizes that "it is with great sadness and concern that we are witnessing the turmoil that has taken place at the top of one of the aforementioned sovereign bodies: courts".

The organization, which refers to the cases involving the president of the Supreme Court, Joel Leonardo, and the former president of the Court of Auditors Exalgina Gambôa, points out that "the President of the Republic has the constitutional obligation and duty to guarantee the stability of said bodies".

"In this context, emphasis is placed on the President of the Republic's lack of courage in admitting once and for all the institutional crisis in the Angolan judicial system", the note stresses.

Last week, President João Lourenço devalued in an interview with French radio RFI the situation in these two courts, in which their presidents are accused of involvement in alleged cases of corruption, embezzlement, influence peddling, among others.

"An institutional crisis in the country is very strong to say that, too strong", said João Lourenço.

For Omunga, "belief is already precarious" about judicial institutions, which "seem to be definitely predestined to failure".

"The imbroglio that is experienced today in the courts is a national shame", underlines Omunga in its statement, considering that, "since the courts are the guarantor of democracy and the realization of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the State, it is crucial that they are not frequently associated with acts of corruption, especially when practiced by those who have the duty, by law, to guarantee its normal functioning".

The former president of the Court of Auditors was accused of crimes of extortion, embezzlement and corruption, in a case that also includes her son Hailé Vicente da Cruz, who is also accused.

Last week, João Lourenço announced that he had invited Exalgina Gambôa to resign on February 21, due to several "occurrences" that involved her, but the judge only resigned two days later, after asking for early retirement and being accused .

With regard to the president of the Supreme Court, the head of state admitted in an interview with RFI that investigations are under way into the accusations against Joel Leonardo, that "the Public Prosecutor's Office is doing its job", but considered that "until we find out anything concrete, injustices can be committed".

"There is also talk of the Supreme Court, but with regard to the Supreme Court I must say that, as far as I know, there are allegations of possible crimes, but that for now nothing proves the involvement, so far, of the venerable presiding judge of the same court and we cannot act, nor I as head of state and much less the Public Ministry, cannot act only based on what is said on social networks", he said.


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