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Sonangol stabilizes diesel supply in the south of the country

The shortage of diesel in the southern part of the country is now being regularized. Two weeks after having experienced a rupture in the 'stock' of this fuel, a ship with six thousand cubic meters of diesel arrived at the Namibe Ocean Terminal, which will stabilize the supply situation of diesel in the southern provinces of the country throughout this week.


A delay in the replacement of 'stocks' led to diesel levels in the provinces of Huila, Namibe, Cunene and Cuando Cubango being low, said Sonangol, via the Distribution and Marketing Business Unit, in a statement cited by Angop.

In the statement, the oil company explained that the delay in replenishment was due to "operational issues.

However, it made it known that the arrival of the ship - which also carried 4010 cubic meters of gasoline - will help regularize the situation.

In addition, the statement also said that 600 cubic meters of diesel will be transferred through Lobito's Ocean Terminal to Huila and, in the same quantity, to Namibe.

The company also asked consumers to remain calm and appealed for understanding of the situation.