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TAP awaits Government authorization for extra flight from Luanda

TAP is awaiting approval from the Angolan authorities to carry out an extra flight on Friday, in addition to those that had been announced, the airline's official source told Lusa.


"We made the request for approval from the Angolan government authorities - 'subject to governmental approval' - to carry out two extra flights to those announced. Therefore, what we have planned and already put in system is that there will be a flight tomorrow [Friday] leaving Luanda, local time, at 3:35 pm and another at 11:55 pm [this which had already been announced] ", said an official TAP source.

The flight that had already been announced from Luanda, with a local departure at 11:55 pm, was put into system and sold very quickly, the same source confirmed to Lusa. The second flight now announced, that of 3:35 pm, which is awaiting authorization, is also already in place.

Both flights from Luanda, on the 27th, are going, according to the same source "with reinforced crew and operate with a stop in Faro to respect the crews' scheduled times," he said.

"We are also going to launch, and a new Bissau-Lisbon flight is also in place for Friday. It will leave at 01h35, already on the 28th, therefore, from Friday to Saturday, but also subject to the approval of the authorities", said the same source.

"This whole operation in extremely difficult conditions would not be possible without the support of an entire central and local structure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," said the same source.

TAP also recalls that there is also an extra flight to Cape Verde that leaves Praia early in the morning from Friday to Saturday at 12:40 am, which is already approved by the government.

"The flight from São Tomé to Lisbon is now embarking, which was with a reinforced crew, taking into account that the local authorities do not let the crew disembark, since the flight was totally empty and comes practically full," he said.