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Covid-19: Government prepares declaration of state of emergency

The Minister of State and coordinator of the Covid-19 Commission in Angola, Pedro Sebastião, called this Wednesday an interministerial meeting to address the declaration of the state of emergency and the subsequent procedures.

Sam Seyffert:

According to the summons, the Ministers of State and Civil House of the President of the Republic, Territory Administration and State Reform, Social Action, Defense, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Mineral Resources and Petroleum were called to the meeting, Health, Transport, Commerce and Social Communication and entities such as the External Intelligence Services, the State Intelligence and Security Service and the Provincial Government of Luanda.

Topics such as the declaration of a state of emergency and subsequent procedures, the international situation of the spread of Covid-19, the health situation in Angola in terms of the prevention of Covid-19, food reserve and the distribution and supply plan for the populations in the short and long term should be addressed. mid-term.

Information will also be given on additional financial resources for sectoral programs to combat the disease.

The country currently records three cases of infection with the new coronavirus.

The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, called this morning for the Council of the Republic to listen to the councilors in the scope of the reinforcement of measures to prevent and combat the pandemic.

The Council of the Republic is an advisory body that includes the Vice President of the Republic, the President of the National Assembly, the President of the Constitutional Court, the Attorney General of the Republic, leaders of political parties with parliamentary seats and invited entities.

João Lourenço also decided to listen to the National Assembly, sending a government delegation headed by the Minister of State and head of the House of Security and coordinator of the Inter-ministerial Commission created to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Pedro Sebastião.