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Parliament adopts texts added at the last minute to the municipal legislative package

This Thursday, the National Assembly approved the four bills added at the last minute to the municipal legislative package.


This Wednesday, the government came in for a number of criticisms after deciding to add four more bills to the municipal legislative package. However, Parliament eventually managed to close the debate on the legislative package this Thursday.

"The bills that the executive has introduced have only just been received. However, if their reports are adopted, we have to examine these proposals very carefully until they are adopted as a whole," said Carlos Tiago Kandanda, a member of CASA-CE, quoted by Novo Jornal.

Now that the legislative package has been fully approved in parliament, it is in the hands of the parliamentary groups to set a date to approve the legislative package as a whole.

As for the recent amendments, Manuel da Cruz Neto, MPLA MP, made it clear that they would not "prejudice the progress of the local elections process".

Tomás da Silva, also from the MPLA, assured that the party "does not want to delay the local elections", he wrote.