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Government adds four new pieces of legislation at the last minute to the municipal legislative package

The government decided at the last minute to add four new draft laws to the municipal legislative package. The decision came when the National Assembly was already debating the last two proposals remaining to be voted on in order to bring the package to a conclusion. This change could delay the start of the elections.


The National Assembly was about to close the legislative package for the local elections when the executive decided to add four more diplomas at the last minute.

The Proposed Law on the General Regime of Inter-Autaric Cooperation, the Proposed Law on the Statutes of the Holders of Local Authorities, the Proposed Law on the Municipal Symbols and the Proposed Law on the Regime and Forms of Local Authorities, were the four new diplomas added by the executive, writes Novo Jornal.

According to Raul Danda, UNITA deputy, quoted by the same newspaper, these new proposals demonstrate the Government's lack of flexibility regarding the realization of local government bodies this year: "There are four more diplomas brought in by the executive to strengthen the current legislative package. So our fear is that these documents will slow down the institutionalisation of local authorities in the country".

David Mendes of UNITA also agrees with Raul Danda's vision. The "introduction of these diplomas comes in an indirect way to condition the time of the local elections", he said. "The fundamental diplomas on municipalities, which have been in the National Assembly for more than a year, are not discussed, now the executive appears with other diplomas just to hinder the process," he added.

Carlos Tiago Kandanda, an independent deputy of CASA-CE is of the same opinion: "we were waiting for the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, to set the date for the elections in April, now new diplomas are appearing that could dilute time".

He also said he did not know why the government had decided to add new laws to the municipal legislative package, even at the final stage of the discussion.

According to Novo Jornal, the four diplomas will be discussed next week.