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Voting on the two remaining municipal bills postponed until Wednesday

The vote on the two remaining laws to be discussed in detail for the municipal legislative package to be closed has been postponed until Wednesday 4 March.

: Lusa

The decision was taken by the National Assembly, after it was found that several Members of Parliament were not present at the session because they were in office in their respective provinces.

With the discussion and vote on the Proposed Law on the Transparency of Duties and Competences of the State for Local Authorities and the Proposed Law on the Symbols of Local Authorities on Wednesday, the National Assembly will close the municipal legislative package, since all that remains to be done is to vote on these two bills so that the municipal elections can proceed.

The first draft law is based on the principle of delimiting state intervention in local authorities, thus allowing them to be more autonomous. According to the document, cited by Novo Jornal, the proposal also determines that the attribution of posts and competences will be fair.

The proposal on the Local Authorities' Symbols determines that the types of symbols used by the municipalities should be elements that identify the municipalities, their history, culture and activity.