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Chinese invest over 20 million in the meter factory. Project will create about 300 jobs

The Chinese have decided to invest in our country's energy sector: Hengye Electronics, a company that provides equipment and solutions for energy and hydraulic networks, will inject more than 20 million dollars into the installation of a water and energy meter factory. This new plant is expected to boost employment, with at least 300 new jobs expected to be created.


The new energy factory will be installed in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and will have a total area of 14,699 square metres.

According to the agreement - signed last Monday by the president of the EEZ, António Henrique da Silva, and the representative of the Chinese company in Angola, Frederico Walamba P. Makilanda - the new factory will produce over 300,000 single-phase meters and 19,800 three-phase meters, which will now meet the needs of the country's market.

Imports of materials will decrease as production increases in Angola, writes Angop.

For the president of ZEE, cited by Angop, this investment will help improve the quality of energy consumption of the population.

According to him, consumers will be able to pay through a pre-payment system. In other words, consumption is paid before it is made, thus allowing consumers to control more strictly the consumption they make during a month.

According to the news agency, it is expected that over the next five years more than one million meters will be installed throughout the country: "This volume of meters will allow us to reach, by the end of 2024, the largest number of prepaid customers," explained Federico Makilanda.