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OGE: UNITA criticizes “exaggerated authorizations” to the PR for direct adjudications

UNITA said that the law approving the General State Budget (OGE) 2023 provides for “exaggerated authorizations” to the President of the Republic, namely direct awards in the acquisition of goods and services, justifying the vote against the document.


“The UNITA parliamentary group voted against the OGE 2023, because the law provides for exaggerated authorizations for the holder of executive power (direct awards in the acquisition of goods and services, issuing sovereign guarantees, contracting loans and others), he said this Tuesday. UNITA deputy Albertina Ngolo.

According to the first vice-president of the parliamentary group of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the referred to "exaggerated authorizations" represent "another risk to achieve the objectives in the budget".

For UNITA, they also threaten the "sound, efficient, effective and transparent management of public finances, thus contributing to the promotion of corruption, monopolies, oligopolies, clientelism, illicit enrichment, nepotism, cronyism and other "isms", erroneous trends that the President of the Republic proposed to combat".

OGE2023 was approved this Monday by the plenary with 124 votes in favour, namely from the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the Social Renewal Party (PRS), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the Humanista de Angola (PHA), 86 votes against UNITA and no abstentions.

This Tuesday, at a press conference justifying the “lead” to the document, UNITA considered that the 2023 Budget has an “insignificant share” for the agriculture sector (1.92 percent).

Comparing the budget for agriculture of the European Union which, “having not had problems of hunger for over 100 years, within the framework of the community agricultural policy, invested, in 2021, 33.1 percent of the total community budget”, UNITA says there is no sector development strategy in Angola.

“Which clearly demonstrates that there is no short, medium and long term strategy in Angola to use this sector in order to generate sustainable development”, he said.

"Despite having a country with one of the greatest agricultural potentials in the world, the MPLA government has not been able to achieve food security, the gradual replacement of imports and the promotion of exports for the much-desired diversification of the economy", pointed out the deputy.

Albertina Ngolo also maintained that her party voted against it because the OGE 2023 does not provide for the implementation of municipalities.

The State Budget for the 2023 financial year “takes refuge in building municipal infrastructure, as if the 164 municipal administrations were working under trees, thus postponing, once again, the active and effective participation of citizens in the management of public affairs ”.

The government proposal, which estimates revenues and sets expenditures of 20.1 billion kwanzas, passed the parliamentary scrutiny in its entirety during the fourth extraordinary plenary meeting of the first legislative session of the V legislature of the National Assembly of Angola.

For the MPLA, the vote in favor of the first Budget after the general elections of August 2022 arises from the fact that the executive, supported by itself, presents “solutions” to “provide answers to the political meaning of the loss of the qualified majority”.

“That's why this OGE increases the budget for health, for education, reinforces the budget for the fight against poverty. That is why this OGE will increase the value of the Kwenda Program [monetary transfer program for the most vulnerable populations], not only increasing the value of the benefit, but also expanding the number of beneficiaries”, justified Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, president of the group party MP.

The MPLA and its president, João Lourenço, “are aware that Angolans face enormous challenges in employment, in secondary and tertiary roads, in the fight against malnutrition and drought in certain locations”, admitted the 'comrades' politician.


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