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Luanda taxi drivers mark strike for March for better working conditions

Taxi drivers in the capital scheduled a three-day strike in March to protest, among other issues, against the poor state of the roads and their exclusion from housing policies and microcredits for youth.


The stoppage of services between 1 and 3 March was announced in a statement by the Associação Nova Aliança dos Taxistas de Angola (ANATA), which also contests discrimination in terms of compliance with the Presidential Decree on the 75 percent capacity, which leaves public and subsidized transport by the State go unpunished in violation of the aforementioned law, as well as the excess in the performance of some agents of the Criminal Investigation Service against the professional class.

In the statement, ANATA stresses that the strike is a last resort, after all contacts with the authorities have been exhausted in order to resolve the problems.

After hearing other taxi drivers 'associations and cooperatives, it was decided to stop taxi services in the entire province of Luanda from 1 to 3 March, which will be extended to all types of occasional taxis (' candongueiros ', minibuses,' turn-neighborhoods', vans, etc.), appealing that, during the strike, all taxi drivers keep their vehicles parked, with signs to inform the reasons.

"Everyone must maintain serenity, tranquility and observe the rules of good conduct, not to attack or vandalize public or private goods, under penalty of individual responsibility", highlights the note.

The association thanks and recognizes the openness to dialogue by the Ministry of Transport, the Institute of Road Transport, the Luanda Traffic and Mobility Office, the provincial police command and the Luanda traffic unit, when it comes to problems within its competence .