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The National Human Rights Award will annually distinguish personalities linked to the area

Launched in Luanda, the National Human Rights Award is presented as an initiative of the Ministry of Justice that aims to enhance the merit, excellence and competence of personalities and institutions linked to the area.


The award also wants to sensitize society to greater participation in the promotion, defense and protection of human rights, says Angop.

Francisco Queiróz, head of the Justice and Human Rights portfolio, said that the award was approved by the President of the Republic, in line with the National Human Rights Strategy.

The award will be held annually, distinguishing people and entities that have performed relevant actions in the sector, including protection of the rights of children and adolescents, women and people with disabilities. Also with regard to the environment, conflict resolution, child labor, citizenship and social inclusion and human trafficking.

"Four categories of awards are established: personality of the year in human rights, scientific research in human rights, community actions in human rights and culture of peace and citizenship in human rights", the minister described last year, when presenting the award. .

The attribution is scheduled for April 4th, and the works must be delivered to a jury, made up of five entities, by the end of January of each year. Applications may be individual or collective.

Angola has around 800 civil society organizations dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights.