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Government wants 1132 gas stations in the country by 2022

The figures are advanced by Albino Ferreira, director-general of the Petroleum Derivatives Regulatory Institute (IRDP). The established target is 1132 fuel stations by 2022.


The last mapping of gas stations in the country was carried out in June 2018, with the country having 1107 gas stations.

Taking into account the economic crisis, the institute was prudent when it comes to pointing to growth: 1132 gas stations until 2020. There are only 25 more gas stations in two years - taking into account the last mapping - so as not to create false ones expectations, the official said to Angop.

On the sidelines of the seminar to present the National Mapping of Fuel Filling Stations and Legislation, the official said that it was found “with the operators and all those involved” that the pace of construction of the filling stations “is not so great, but it is within the socio-economic context”.

Without giving any numbers, Albino Ferreira said that Luanda is the province with the highest concentration of gas stations. He also noted that the appearance of centralities points to a trend towards the appearance of even more posts.

"The city of Luanda still has the capacity to receive more filling stations, both due to its population and geographic density", he said.

The presentation seminar that took place this Friday, in addition to advancing relevant data for the sector, also intends to be a way to encourage potential investors in this business.

The official said that, at a gas station, in addition to fuels, it is also possible to sell other products, the so-called peripheral businesses.