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Fuel sales in Angola dropped in the last quarter of 2019

Angola saw a 25.8 percent drop in fuel sales in the fourth quarter of 2019, with a cash inflow of 154.043 billion kwanzas, was announced this Friday.


The data presented by the Director General of the Petroleum Derivatives Regulatory Institute, Albino Ferreira, show that 882,837 metric tons, equivalent to 154.043 billion kwanzas, were acquired for sale in the period in question.

The retraction in consumption, with a greater impact on reducing the use of diesel by PRODEL (the state-owned electricity generation company) to generate electricity, was pointed out as the cause of this decrease.

The origin of oil derivatives continues to be mainly imports, with 69 percent, followed by the Luanda Refinery (29 percent) and Cabgoc - Topping de Caninda (2 percent).

Sales results also represented a decline of 13.5 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

The overall sales volume of the various business segments - retail, consumer, aviation and marine - was approximately 1.06 million metric tons, which meant a decrease of around 8 percent compared to the previous quarter.

In terms of market share, Sonangol Distribuição remains the leader, with around 69 percent, followed by Pumangol (23 percent) and Sonangalp (8 percent).

Of the national total of fuels, 73.4 percent is consumed by five provinces of the country, leading the Luanda list with 49 percent, followed by Cabinda (6.6 percent), Zaire (6.1 percent), Benguela (5.9 percent) and Huila (5.8 percent).

As for gaseous fuels, in the 4th quarter around 85,281 metric tons of cooking gas were introduced on the domestic market, of which 88 percent came from Angola LNG, 9 percent from the Luanda Refinery and 3 percent from the Cabinda Topping.

Compared to the previous quarter, there was also an 11 percent drop in the purchase of liquefied petroleum gas for the domestic market, due to the scheduled stoppage of Angola LNG in November.

The summary shows that 99,618 metric tons of this oil derivative were sold, representing an increase of 2.4 percent over the third quarter, associated with the festive season.

In this segment, Sonagás leads the market with a share of approximately 77 percent, followed by Saigás (11 percent), Canhongo Gás (5 percent), Gastém (4 percent) and Progás (3 percent).

In the lubricants segment, around 3,629 metric tons were sold in the domestic market by the main companies, representing a decrease of 5 per cent from the previous quarter and 3 per cent from the same period of the previous year.

Of the total volume traded above, 1,032 metric tonnes were from domestic production, corresponding to 28 per cent and 2,597 metric tonnes from imports, corresponding to 72 per cent.

At the top of the list of leading companies in this segment is Pumangol with sales of around 34 percent, followed by Sonangol Distribuidora (28 percent), Cosal (15 percent), Jambo (11 percent), Sonangalp (9 percent), Lubáfrica (2 percent) and Impóleos (1 percent).