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The country has 971 service stations. Sonangol is a leader

Angola has 971 filling stations operational, of which 393 (40 percent) belong to Sonangol, a state oil company, announced this Friday in Luanda, the director general of the Oil Derivatives Regulatory Institute, Albino Ferreira.


The data, contained in the balance of commercial activity in the oil derivatives market for the fourth quarter of 2019, indicate that the remaining filling stations in the country are controlled by Pumangol (8 percent), followed by Sonangalp, with 54 (6 percent) percent) and the remaining 446 are white flag (46 percent), that is, private entities.

Angola continues to have a storage capacity for liquid fuels on land of approximately 676,085 cubic meters, of which 358,511 cubic meters corresponding to 52.45 percent of the total are owned by Sonangol Logística and the remaining 321,500 cubic meters corresponding to 47.55% percent are owned by Pumangol.