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How to bill some cash in the festive season?

Valdemar Vieira Dias

CEO of VALMONTEIRO, entrepreneur, specialist in Digital Marketing, Computer Engineer and columnist

It sounds like a lie but it's true, another year is gone. Did you manage to realize or materialize all your plans in 2019? Made a lot of sales? I hope you did it and if you don't here's how to make some money this holiday season.


A few years ago me and the "kambas" were very "excited" when that time came. It was the rush to buy gifts for family, friends and girlfriend (especially) at the Nzinga Mbande (front of the school), where many women (mothers and daughters) were already selling bears, perfumes, flowers and home decor among other products of the season. At this time, we "kambas" call the season "Déze" (December).

Apart from being a time to gather family and friends, the holiday season is a time that creates good opportunities for entrepreneurship. The payment of Christmas allowance (the famous 13th) significantly increases the volume of capital in the market and consequently stimulates people to consume.

Certainly this endeavor could bring gains or losses. But I think it's always worth a try. Therefore, I propose in this article to share with you some tips and ideas that may help you if you want to invoice in this "Dezembro".

Tips to undertake this holiday season

Choose an area you know

It is important to choose an area that you already have knowledge and experience so that you can lessen the risks that all your efforts are in vain and increase the chances of success.

Make a business that will solve a problem

A product or service designed to solve a consumer problem is much more likely to succeed. No matter the size of the problem. So discover the problems of your audience this season and take the opportunity.

Do a little planning

Although it is for a short time it is important to make a small plan and ensure that everything goes well. According to the product or service you are selling make a survey, for example, about your target audience preferences, what production costs you will have (raw material, labor, etc.), set a price, see what profit you will make and make a good sales strategy.

Promote your business

It is said that "what is not disclosed is not known". Let people know that you are selling something. Leverage the Internet and social networks to reach more people you probably wouldn't otherwise be able to do soon.

Also use the traditional and functional "word of mouth". At work, in the neighborhood and everywhere you go. The following question may arise: Should I inform everyone or just my potential customers? The right way would be to potential customers. However, as they may not be, they can always meet people who need what they are selling.

Continue the business

The holiday season could be the beginning of your entrepreneurship so sell quality products and services, satisfy your customers and make sure that you do it again next year or maybe on other holidays.

Ideas to undertake this holiday season

Thematic decoration

Trees, decorations and lighting fixtures at home, in the streets, as well as in shopping areas are the first indicators of the festive season and a great opportunity to undertake. Use your imagination and creativity and make good themed decorations.

Handcrafted gifts

With the 'occult friend', the gift exchange cult is becoming more frequent at this time. So take the opportunity and undertake as an artisan this holiday season.

Christmas and New Year's Suppers

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many families to organize traditional Christmas and New Year suppers because of the rush that the season imposes. For this reason, creating menus of the main dishes of the two moments may be a good option to profit from "Déze". To guarantee many requests and win families you can customize the suppers with typical dishes, with starter, main course, garnishes and dessert.

Gift baskets

Our famous "basket"! It is also a good opportunity to invoice and without many skills. Just buy the products, compose the basket and decorate it to look very chic. This idea could evolve into baskets of birthday, among other commemorative dates.

Clothing and accessories

At this point this market makes a lot of money. Traditional white clothing, essentially for New Year's Eve, is the most sought after. I remember a New Year's Eve skinning myself to buy white pants and a shirt. It was a 31! Therefore, undertake this business which could be a good alternative for this festive season.


In recent times I have seen many of this initiatives and more and more. People who have clothes, accessories, jewelry, among other products that have not been used or used very little and want to scrap in exchange for some money. You can create a physical or virtual space to sell these products.

In short, here are just a few suggestions that I bring you to increase your list and "pump up" this holiday season or other commemorative dates. The important thing is to do something you enjoy and with dedication towards success.

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Valdemar Vieira Dias

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