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The 15 best burgers in Luanda

Such is the ubiquity of the hamburger in Angola that it can already be considered a national dish. In Luanda, it is found in every corner, sold in food trucks or in specialized restaurants. In home delivery services, such as 'Tupuca' and 'O Garçom', it is the most requested food. But, after all, which are the best hamburgers in Luanda?


This is exactly the point we want to discuss. And debate. Obviously, this list will generate controversy, discussions and wrangles. Good! Fortunately, this site has a comments section. Share with us your disagreement or agreement. The saying goes that tastes are not disputed, they are sorry, but nonetheless, and despite numerous warnings, we have decided to share with you what we consider to be, in 2019, the 15 best hamburgers in Luanda.

Glamorous - Champagneria

We think we can all agree that there is a clear before and after in the quality of restaurant burgers after Champagneria comes into play. This restaurant helped popularize the concept of gourmet hamburger here in Luanda and is among the first to do so (the first must have been the former Oon.Dah). Glamorous, one of its best-selling burgers, is possibly one of Angola's biggest gourmet burgers expo today. It is made with 180 grams of beef, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized onion, ketchup and mustard.

Preguiça or Inveja - Artburguer

We are fans of Artburguer's artisanal burgers for being original, having kitaba as an ingredient, having names of sins and being able to go there with our vegetarian friends. But we are especially in love with two hamburgers in particular: Preguiça, made with 160 grams of beef, shard bread, cheese, confit onion, kitaba paste and ginger mayonnaise, and Inveja, which comes with a 160 grams beef, pineapple, lettuce , tomato, coconut, kitaba paste and chilli mango.

Hambúrguer de Pato (Duck Hamburger) - Delícias de Paris

It's a unique burger in the capital: duck meat, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, onion marmalade, mushroom sauce, mango chutney (master's touch!), accompanied by fries. It's bittersweet, it's juicy, it's delicious; competes with Glamorous for best gourmet burger in the band. But it's not cheap ... it's to eat from time to time, as a treat!


If Uncle Baptista, owner of the establishment, has the courage to write "You're going to like it" on his shirt, who are we to doubt? Uncle Baptista is the orginal gangsta of street hamburgers in Luanda: in every neighbourhood, corner and alley of the capital, everyone knows the Materé burger. The Materé is the largest and tastiest, the meat is light and juicy and the bread is fluffy and fresh. We don't know the provenance of the meat, we don't know if they wash the salad, we just know that this hamburger always hits.


These are some of the tastiest burgers around here and have been eaten a lot by our team. We like their creativity: at NuMenu the customer is in control of their hamburger. Instead of the menu, the customer is given a small paper with the available ingredient options, to mark only what they want on their hamburger with an X. We are fond of a beef burger with potatoes, starchy egg, cheese, ham, sausage, grated carrot salad, corn, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles and various sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and spicy .

Tuneza - Amarelinha

The hamburger is as famous as the humorous group that names it: The Tuneza. Yes, after eating you also want to laugh (or ask for one more). We are talking about a juicy hamburger, with tender meat, the essential dose of traditional sauces (ketchup and mayonnaise) corn, straw potato, fried egg and bacon on a sesame seed bread! Need to talk more? This hamburger is served with fries that always come seasoned, and a soda. And if you're in town you don't have to worry, the hamburger will come to you! It's to laugh and cry for more.

Bacon Lovers - Kudia Bistro

Before Tupuca existed we received hamburgers at home thanks to the pioneering work of Kudia Bistro. For a while this was the only way to taste Bacon Lovers, one of the best burgers we have ever eaten on this earth. What sets this artisan burger apart is the quality of the ingredients: the beef is really good, the vegetables are all fresh, and the combinations are original. Bacon Lovers, for example, consists of 160 grams of beef, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized bacon onions, bacon slices, fried egg, onion rings and BBQ sauce. There is no equal.

Hambúrguer de Frango (Chicken Burger) - Spot do Bairro

When it comes to chicken burgers here in Luanda, this one is really one of the best. Spot do Bairro's chicken burger is made with soft, light bread, a well-seasoned chicken breast, fresh parsley, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, and a melted cheese topping. It is simple and well balanced. On the other hand, it is not very large, which makes each bite particularly tasty. It is an experience that ends in a few bites.

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