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UNITA suspends three members of the Political Commission, including former candidate

UNITA's leadership suspended three members of the Political Commission, including José Pedro Katchiungo, who disputed the party's leadership at the congress held in 2019, which elected Adalberto da Costa Júnior, which has since been annulled by the Constitutional Court.


The decision was taken at the statutory meeting that precedes the 13th Congress of the Black Rooster party, the main opposition political force, now led by Isaias Samakuva, who was at the head of UNITA for 16 years and returned following the removal of Adalberto da Costa Júnior under the Constitutional Court ruling that annulled the 2019 congress

"After analyzing and discussing various information presented on the performance of some members of the Political Commission outside the Party's disciplinary proceedings, the Political Commission decided, by secret ballot, with 150 votes in favor (85 percent), 20 votes against (11 per cent) and 6 abstentions (four per cent), preventively suspend, under the terms of number 1 of article 21 of the Party Statutes, the members Estêvão José Pedro Katchiungo, José Eduardo and Altino Kapango.

Katchiungo competed in the electoral race for UNITA that Adalberto da Costa Júnior won in 2019, being the least voted among the remaining candidates (Adalberto Costa Júnior, Alcides Sakala, Abilio Kamalata Numa, Raul Danda), collecting only 10 votes.

On Tuesday, UNITA had already decided to preventively suspend seven other militants who appealed to the Constitutional Court (TC) to make the date of the congress, which takes place between this Thursday and Saturday, unfeasible.

At issue is an initiative of a group of militants who asked for the congress to be challenged with the leadership of the "Black Rooster" party and filed an injunction with the TC, alleging that the appointment of the conclave was made in an atmosphere of "intimidation, the which UNITA rejects.

At the ordinary session held on December 1, 2021, held in Luanda, and chaired by Samakuva, broad lines of the Political Commission's report were also approved, which, under the terms of the Statutes, will have to be presented at the XIII Ordinary Congress.

The XIII congress of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) kicks off this Thursday, in the municipality of Viana, Luanda province, with only one candidate running for the leadership of the largest opposition party.

Adalberto Costa Júnior is running alone for the presidency of UNITA, after being removed from the party's leadership by imposition of the Constitutional Court, which annulled the congress held in 2019, in which he had been elected as the highest representative of the political organization.

With 1150 delegates, the congress that starts this Thursday and ends on Saturday and takes place under the motto "Unity and Citizenship for Alternation".

According to the program, the congress begins with interventions by women's and youth organizations of political formation, followed by the opening speech by the outgoing president of the party, Isaías Samakuva.

The start of the internal work of the first plenary is scheduled for the beginning of the afternoon, with the report on the certification of the mandates of delegates to the XIII Ordinary Congress, the election of the congress president, the constitution of the table and approval of the congress agenda or the constitution of specialized commissions and work by commissions.

The second day of work reserves activities by commissions, the second plenary with the report of the work of the subcommittees, reading of the conclusions and resolutions of the XIII congress and reading and approval of the final communiqué.

On the last day, there is the election of the party president, the election and inauguration of the Political Commission and in the afternoon the announcement of the electoral results, followed by the inauguration of the elected president, reading of the term of office and oath , speeches by the president of the congress and the outgoing president, and closing speeches by the president-elect.