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Covid-19: Angola transcribed 1361 vaccination certificates, including 325 from Portugal

Angola has already transcribed 1361 digital vaccination certificates against covid-19 issued by other countries, including 325 from Portugal, said this Friday the national director of Public Health, Helga Freitas.


The health official spoke during a meeting of the multisectoral commission for the prevention and combat of covid-19, in which she explained that digital certificates, such as vaccine cards, are national documents, as there is no global certificate.

Therefore, nationals must transcribe their vaccination in the destination country, according to local rules.

"The existing valid mechanism is the transcription of vaccination and we have, under conditions of reciprocity, as long as they meet the due requirements, the state to transcribe international certificates", including those from the European Union, China, India, Canada, among others.

In the case of Angola, 1361 certificates have already been issued, a list headed by China, with 374 certificates, followed by Portugal, with 325, and the United States of America, with 111.

Nationally, more than 990 thousand digital certificates were issued, revealed Helga Freitas, pointing out some difficulties that require manual intervention.

The main problem has to do with the fact that the user does not enter the correct number to receive the SMS on his cell phone or validate his data before issuing the certificate.

Angola wants to reach the end of the year with 60 percent of the target population vaccinated with at least one dose (citizens over 18 years old), requiring that 190,000 users be vaccinated per day.

However, there are more than eight million people without any dose.

So far 9.8 million doses have been administered, but only 20 percent of citizens in the target group are fully immunized.