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UNITA questions when Angola will have an investigation into members of the Government like in Portugal

The UNITA leader used “what happened yesterday in Portugal” to question whether in Angola it would be possible to investigate a prime minister and detain members of the Portuguese Government.


"I invite everyone, let's look at what happened yesterday in Portugal: a suspicion of corruption, a suspicion of favoritism and public procurement, led institutions to investigate, including the Prime Minister, his ministers and to arrest members of the Government", he stated Adalberto da Costa Júnior.

Adalberto da Costa Júnior was speaking at the opening of the Conference on Economic Challenges and the OGE [General State Budget], presented by the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), through its Shadow Government.

According to the leader of UNITA, the Public Prosecutor's Office in Portugal, assuming all its independence, acted in defense of the public interest and transparency.

"And a prime minister, who has an absolute majority in the National Assembly, immediately resigned and made himself available to the justice bodies! Was it possible for these events to take place in Angola? Our institutions are investigating the President of the Republic ? Does the Public Prosecutor's Office defend public interests, with courage and impartiality? The SIC [Criminal Investigation Service] and other institutions linked to criminal investigation have autonomy and their commanders serve the State with total independence from the interests of the party that governs? We know everyone doesn’t!” he declared.

The president of UNITA also turned to the political situation in Mozambique to say that there are beginning to be changes in that country.

"In Mozambique the voices of the great are beginning to be heard: Samora Machel Júnior spoke, mom Graça Machel also spoke with courage and spoke beautifully. The former president of the Electoral Commission also made statements with great courage. And here? Here the Elders they need to bring their voice and their action, so that the country realizes that they are not abandoned! It is urgent to choose Angola. Regain the ability to dialogue. Go to the doctor and ask for a pill against intolerance, against fear, against arrogance, against extreme corruption and, most importantly, a pill to open the doors of our Kremlin to democracy", he added.


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