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Applications open to fill 7500 vacancies in the Education sector

Recently announced by the government, the public tender for the education sector in Luanda is already open for registration throughout the national territory, taking place over 20 working days.


Started this Monday, enrollment is aimed at a selection process of 7,500 kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary teachers.

The Ministry of Education currently has 206,624 teachers, to "guarantee the teaching and learning process", says Angop.

However, and according to data provided by the ministry, the Pre-school, General, Teacher Training, Professional Technical and Adult Education subsystems have a deficit of around 40 thousand teachers.

It should be remembered that in 2018 the Executive made 20 thousand vacancies available, but only 18,650 candidates were approved, with almost 1500 vacancies remaining unfilled.

With regard to this reality, Pacheco Francisco, Secretary of State for Preschool and Primary Education, highlighted the need for rigor in the selection process, in order to avoid the admission of staff without the desired qualification.

"The time to admit oneself for admitting, without rigor, is behind us. We must avoid the admission of candidates who are not needed in the province, prioritizing the real needs," said the official, quoted by Angop.

For valid access to the competition, candidates must be nationals, aged between 18 and 35 years old. Among the requirements is the obligation to complete secondary education in schools of teaching, a degree in higher institutes of educational sciences and/or higher pedagogical schools or a degree in technical areas for candidates for teachers of technical subjects in secondary education.

In order to be able to hire new professionals for the sector, the ministry saw its share of the State Budget increased in 2022, remaining with 21.7 percent, having been the expenditure that grew the most, with a weight of 13.1 percent in primary fiscal expenditure.

The most recent proposal of OGE foresees revenues and expenses estimated at 18.78 billion Kwanzas, being the first time in a national budget that Education surpasses Defense in terms of budget availability.