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António Venâncio will appeal to the party's Central Committee

The pre-candidate for the MPLA leadership António Venâncio, who had his intention to run for the congress of the ruling party in Angola rejected, for not meeting the deadline, said this Tuesday that he would appeal to the party's Central Committee.


According to Venâncio, the candidacy subcommittee is not the last instance, and there are others to which he can turn, namely the electoral commission, the Central Committee, the audit and discipline commission, the secretariat of the Political Bureau, and even the congress, where the new leader will be elected, scheduled for December.

The politician, who has been a member of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) for 47 years, asked the candidacy subcommittee of the National Preparatory Commission of the VIII ordinary congress of the party, to extend the deadline for the presentation of candidacies, which ran from 20 October to November 5th, but the request was rejected.

Asked if this was the expected outcome, António Venâncio, an engineer by profession, said that he was expecting "weaknesses in this transition from an undemocratic party to a democratic party".

"This is a tough, difficult passage, a tough birth, and there are even misunderstandings, which we too were already counting on, with those regarding a candidacy of that kind, of a militant who proposes to lead the party. So there are those imprecisions, imperfections, misunderstandings, which we were counting on, but we were also counting on our courage and our strength and we are here for exactly this, to fight as far as our strength allows", he said.

The candidacy subcommittee of the National Preparatory Commission of the VIII Ordinary Congress of the MPLA, which takes place from December 9th to 11th, said that it only received a letter of complaint from the candidate asking for an extension of deadlines, which , by virtue of statutory rules, was considered "impractical".

António Venâncio considered his party "a sum of experiences", started in 1962, stressing that this phase is another experience.

"And every time we live an experience, we enrich, so that the future is more and more promising for the MPLA itself. We are in the learning process, there are even insults, there are provocations, but this is a process of learning," he declared.

Despite the rejection of the candidacy, António Venâncio considers that his political career will not be jeopardized, noting that the effect is the opposite when it is intended to "hush, silence" if the procedures are not the most correct.

"In my specific case, I was not as well known as I am now, despite having covered the country, thousands of kilometers. I am a man of works, projects, supervision, I traveled the country from end to end, I know all the peoples of the country , I have been working in Cabinda, in Cuemba (Bié), in Cunene, in Huambo, all over the country, for over 30 years and I know my people", he stressed.

António Venâncio assumed that he wants to bring "a different, new vision" to politics, with which "perhaps some people are afraid that it might bring benefits" which was fought before and failed.

"Therefore, I believe that my destiny is in the MPLA, we are going to fight so that everything runs smoothly, so that everything takes place within the framework of the statutes, regulations and that our rights are respected", he stressed.

Venâncio said that if he is a candidate he will present his list with other names he knows, "who can give the best for the party", which probably some of his "comrades" fear because they know he would not co-opt them to join a certain type of organs.

"I have never revealed this list of mine, but people know that I will have a list with a proposal for the vice president of the party, for the vice president of the Republic, for the members of the Central Committee, for the Political Bureau and therefore , I am completely calm regarding any resistance that may appear from the internal structure of the party, because it represents a change", he stressed.

Coordinator of a thematic group in the MPLA Committee of Engineers, the last role he held in the party, António Venâncio was a delegate to the district committee and delegate to various party events.

According to António Venâncio, the leader of the party, João Lourenço, the only candidate for the MPLA presidency at the VIII ordinary congress "will not be giving all the attention that it would be necessary to pay now", having "perhaps" not taken this process "as a historical process".

"Probably he will not have given that valuation. I think we are going through a historic process in which four years ago delegates decided to undertake a new way of occupying the position of MPLA president, that is, one that was not just for a simple nomination, but that it was in the context of a competition between several brains of the party", he referred.

At the press conference, the candidate's representative, Felisberto Costa, said there was time for António Venâncio to make the complaints, noting that there were several obstacles to the candidacy process, the most flagrant of which was the vetoed access to public media.

"Let's not forget that whoever commands in practice the national media system in this country is the holder of the executive power, who is at the same time the president of the MPLA, we must not forget that, he wants a more concrete obstruction than what the media did for the candidacy of engineer António Venâncio, is there a better example to give? We think this is very, serious and harmful to the interests of the pre-candidate", he pointed out.