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Electoral registration abroad starts in January and will be done without a voter's card

Planned for January 2022, the electoral registration of Angolan citizens abroad will be carried out using the Identity Card (BI), thus dispensing with the issue of the traditional voter card. The information was provided by the Minister of Territory Administration, Marcy Lopes.


According to the official, who was speaking at a parliamentary hearing with the deputies of the Committee on State Administration and Local Power of the National Assembly, abroad the country will not issue a voter's card, "only registration will be done through the Identity card in Angola's diplomatic and consular missions abroad".

Quoted by Angop, he informed that the launch of the electoral register is scheduled for the first half of January 2022, running until 31 March.

The minister also stated that the Ministry of Justice had installed 12 fixed ID issuing posts abroad, as well as the implementation of mobile brigades that will travel abroad, in order to handle the document in diplomatic missions. It is also planned to increase the number of posts to 18.

The ministry will already be strengthening its capacity to issue the Identity Card: "For example, in South Africa, Namibia and in the two Congos, where there are already two fixed posts in each of these countries, they will be reinforced with another one. the same will happen with Brazil and the USA," stated Marcy Lopes.

He explained that the decision to use only this document for voter registration is intended with the fact that it is a guarantee that only national citizens have access to voter registration. "Because we cannot ignore the danger of having foreign citizens wanting to register for voters."

An exception may be made only for remote locations where there are no BI services. "Outside these places, the electoral registration will be updated via the BI. And only those who have this document will be able to update the registration in urban areas, since the purpose is, by 2027, to completely discontinue the issuance of the voter's card", he referred.

According to figures from the Ministry of Territory Administration, there are 400,000 Angolans spread across 57 countries. Support for these emigrants is provided through 76 diplomatic missions, and most of this number of citizens is distributed with greater density in 13 countries.