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Plenary of the Supreme Court keeps José Filomeno dos Santos in prison for five years

The plenary of the Supreme Court upheld the judgment of José Filomeno dos Santos ('Zenu'), former president of the Sovereign Fund of Angola, sentenced in 2020 to five years in prison in the case known as “US$500 million”.


A source linked to the process told Lusa that the plenary of the Supreme Court - where the defense of José Filomeno dos Santos, former president of the Sovereign Fund of Angola, convicted of fraud crimes for fraud, embezzlement and influence peddling - appealed - , upheld the sentence.

According to the source, this Monday will be delivered the application for an extraordinary appeal of unconstitutionality in the Constitutional Court. The request for this new appeal will suspend the decision of the plenary of the Supreme Court, and José Filomeno dos Santos will remain at liberty awaiting a decision, according to the same source.

José Filomeno dos Santos, son of former president José Eduardo dos Santos, was sentenced, in August 2020 by the Supreme Court, for the crime of fraud for defrauding, in continuous form, to four years in prison, and for the crime of trafficking in influence, in a continuous form, to two years of imprisonment, in a legal term of five years.

"Basically, they say they are in agreement and they agree with what was said in the first instance, they didn't increase or decrease, they confirmed", stressed the source.

The former governor of Banco Nacional, Valter Filipe, was also sentenced at the trial for the crimes of continued embezzlement and fraud for fraud, António Samalia Bule, former managing director of the BNA, five years in prison for the crime of embezzlement and fraud for defrauding.

Jorge Gaudens Sebastião, businessman and longtime friend of 'Zenu' dos Santos, was sentenced to six years in prison for the crimes of fraud for fraud and influence peddling, and the defendants were acquitted of the crime of money laundering.

The defendants were sentenced to jointly and severally pay the State five million kwanzas in moral damages, 8.5 million dollars for the damages that resulted from their actions, expenses with the judicial process that took place in London in the amount of two million pounds for attorney's fees, $9000 for airline tickets and more than five million kwanzas for subsistence allowances.

At issue was an irregular transfer of US$500 million from the central bank to the account of a private foreign company headquartered in London, with the aim of setting up a strategic investment fund to finance structural projects in Angola.

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