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Angolan turns three seats and wins a place in 'The Voice Brasil'

The Angolan Lysa Ngaca won a spot on 'The Voice Brasil'. The 25-year-old sang the song “Quando a Chuva Passar” in her blind test and her voice was able to convince three of the four seats on the jury.


The Angolan has lived in Rio de Janeiro for around eight years and, according to Platinaline, she has always believed in her potential, but she never thought that three chairs would turn over.

"Representing Africa/Angola is a huge responsibility, as our wealth does not only exist in our gold, diamonds or land, but within us. Our culture, the root of our origins! The power that accompanies us from our braids to the our Samacaca, our history!", he affirmed.

Her family – who are in Angola, more specifically in Viana, Luanda – revealed to Platinaline that Lysa Ngaca from an early age was interested in music and that she was always taught about the importance and effect of music.

"It took a past for us to have the present, and God is granting her strength so that this is registered as a mark of representation in the sense of the word, and that Christ shines through his voice", said one of her family members .

The young woman managed to win over the ears of Carlinhos Brown, Iza and Claudia Leitte. Having only one juror, Lysa ended up with Carlinhos Brown.

A choice that the young woman's family sees as strategic because Brown has musical maturity and knows Angola better than the other judges.

Lysa Ngaca hopes that 'The Voice Brasil' will be a gateway into the world of professional music as well as help her gain experience.

You can see the complete performance of the Angolan woman here.