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Country recorded 11 cases of domestic violence per day between January and October

At least 11 cases of domestic violence per day were registered in Angola in the first ten months of 2020, a period in which the country recorded 3303 incidents, announced the Secretary of State for the Family.


Elsa Bárber, who was speaking this Wednesday at the official opening of the 16-day campaign of activism to end violence against women, said that among the reported cases of violence, between January and October this year, 2568 complaints were made by men and the rest by women.

This Wednesday marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls. Angola celebrates the date under the motto "Violence Zero, Denounce".

According to the official, the family counseling centers of the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women (Masfamu) registered in 2019 a total of 3769 cases of domestic violence, 466 more cases compared to the first ten months of 2020.

"The Angolan executive notes that cases of violence against women tend to reach alarming proportions, causing destabilization among many families, preventing the realization of dreams and the realization of aspirations," he said.

In order to "change this situation, inhibit the aggressor's action and support the victim of violence in times of pandemic, telephone lines 145 and 146 for reporting domestic violence cases were created, with characteristics of confidentiality, anonymity and free of charge".

The ministry recognizes that domestic violence "is a pandemic in all societies" and constitutes a "serious obstacle" to inclusive, equitable and sustainable development and has severely affected young people, children and adolescents.

According to Elsa Bárber, the executive "remains engaged" in the promotion and protection of children, particularly young women, recalling that the SOS Criança 15015 line was recently launched.

In less than six months, the SOS Criança line, managed by the National Children's Institute (INAC) and the Integrated Public Security Center (CISP), registered 103,140 cases of violence, with leading to escape from parenthood, with more than 38,000 Notifications.

"Child protection must be a task for all of us, the State, civil society and partners", he stressed.

In her speech, the Secretary of State for Family and Promotion of Angolan Women also expressed concern about the "increase in cases of escape from motherhood". "Mothers abandoning their own children, on the street, hungry, under the rain, in the trash can, it is very sad and disgusting", he lamented.

For her part, the resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Angola, Zahira Virani, considered that the country has taken fundamental steps in recent years with the approval of the law against domestic violence and its respective regulation.

"Despite these advances, it is imperative to regulate these instruments to guarantee their application, as well as the production of other legal instruments, such as the need to update the National Policy for Gender Equality", he noted.

Contributing to the harmony, stability and cohesion of families is one of the objectives of the 16-day campaign of activism to end violence against women.

The conference took place in Luanda in a hybrid model, that is, in person and with several virtual participants.

Angolan international model Maria Borges was presented at this ceremony as the ambassador of Angola in the fight against domestic violence.