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Public television presents series of reports on corruption

"The Banquet" is the name given to a series of 11 Angolan Public Television (TPA) reports on corruption. The series is the result of a TPA investigation to find out how "a small group of Angolans, using their influences," have harmed the state by millions of dollars.


The series of reports is presented by journalist Ernesto Bartolomeu and premiered last Monday. The first report was shown on TPA's TV news and focused on Manuel Vicente, former vice-president.

According to the report, the also former chairman of the board of Sonangol and Orlando Veloso, president of the Executive Committee of SONIP (subsidiary of the national concessionaire), will have resorted to personal companies to divert hundreds of millions of dollars from the state, through the consortium Miramar Empreendimentos.

The consortium, which was created with the aim of moving forward with the construction of three buildings and a luxury hotel of the Intercontinental chain in the country, was formed by Sonangol, Suninvest and Namkwang International.

This Tuesday's report focuses on Joaquim Sebastião, former director of the Institute of Roads of Angola (INEA), who was accused of embezzlement and in July 2019 had to deliver property, cars and other assets valued at 45 million dollars to the state.

Schemes that target various figures and that place Joaquim Sebastião at the center of the web are also revealed. The alleged schemes concern the hiring of companies owned by the director or by people close to him to carry out INEA works, culminating in the embezzlement of public funds.