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Block 18 in drilling. BP estimates production at 30,000 barrels of oil daily

BP Angola announced that it has recently moved ahead with drilling in Block 18, a project of 44 million barrels of oil in estimated reserves, with a projected production of 30,000 barrels per day.


In a statement, BP Angola, which is the operator of Block 18 and has held exploration rights in this offshore area since 2007, indicates that the start of work was possible thanks to the arrival of the DS-12 in Angola.

This vessel will drill four wells (two for production and two for injection) in the development of the Platina field, with the support of two cargo ships, one equipped with remote operating vehicles (VOR), and the other prepared to respond to situations of emergency.

The president of the National Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels, Paulino Jerónimo, underlines the importance of the project: "We must not forget the difficult period that the market and the sector is going through worldwide".

He also stressed "the significance that the commitment of the big operators has for Angola and the work that they continue to do".

For his part, the senior vice president of BP Angola, Adriano Bastos, affirms that "the progress of the Platinum project reiterates BP's commitment to Angola and represents a strong contribution to the achievement of the Government's long-term strategy in the sector of oil and gas ".

"We are truly pleased that, thanks to the extraordinary work of our teams and the close collaboration with our partner SINOPEC, we are managing to move forward with this project very efficiently. I recall that we are reducing costs by 20 percent, we are achieving increase its estimated reserves by 10 percent and we anticipate completion by 12 months, "he said.