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Government reaffirms promise to build surface metro in Luanda

The Government promised to materialize the interconnection of the Luanda and Benguela railways, with a view to connecting the eastern part of the country and improving mobility in Luanda with the construction of the surface metro.


"We also intend to build the connection of the CFL (Caminhos de Ferro de Luanda) from Malanje to Saurimo and to Luena, thus materializing the interconnection of the connecting lines of the CFL and the CFB (Caminhos de Ferro de Benguela), we are talking about a first step in the connection between the three railway lines", said the Secretary of State for Land Transport.

Jorge Bengue, who was speaking at the opening of the 1st Cycle of Technical Railways Conferences in Angola, also assured that work is underway to create conditions for the construction of the surface metro in Luanda.

The works for the construction of the surface metro, he said, arise from the urgency and need to improve "the offer of the mobility service in the city of Luanda".

The official recalled the recent acquisition of 10 self-propelled units (locomotives) for the urban and suburban passenger transport service, noting that seven are already in circulation in Luanda and the rest will soon enter into circulation in Benguela province.

"We foresee the acquisition of more units for the cities of Lubango and Namibe as well as reinforcements for the cities of Luanda and Benguela, meeting the current challenges from the point of view of giving effective and proportionate responses to the dimension of the need for urban mobility. of the main cities of our country", he noted.

For the new government legislature, he added, the sector authorities will rehabilitate the Zenza-Cacuso rail section, an extension of about 215 kilometers, "a section that was not included in the program for the structuring of the rail network".

"And today this section has been the major embarrassment in the operation from the CFL to Malanje which lasts nine hours today, hence the intention to improve the operational safety of this line by shortening the distance", he pointed out.

Regarding the history of the railways, which marks 134 years on 31 October, Bengue recalled that the country's railway network brings together three companies, namely CFB, CFL and Caminhos de Ferro de Moçâmedes (CFM), in an extension of about 2730 kilometers.

Today "we are all challenged to improve rail transport services in Angola, this mission is not only exclusive to the Government, it is a task for each of us as a regulator, as an operator, partners, passengers and everyone who has a role in favor of of the Angolan railway", pointed out Jorge Bengue.

Rail transport and its impact on mobility, CFL's rail infrastructure on the Zenza-Cacuso section and its constraints, the importance of the signaling and communications system in commercial rail operation are some of the topics being analyzed at the meeting.


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