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João Lourenço says that “Angola can play an important role in the global energy crisis”

The President of the Republic considered that the country “can play an important role” in the world energy crisis, as it is the second largest oil producer in Africa. João Lourenço also said that the “world is afflicted” with the energy problem and that Angola “can not only contribute with fossil fuels, but also” is analyzing with a company from Germany the “possibility of producing green hydrogen” on angolan soil.


"Yes, we can play an important role as we are the second largest oil producer on the African continent. The world is afflicted, so to speak, with the problem of energy. Angola can not only contribute with fossil fuels, but we are also studying with a German company the possibility of producing green hydrogen in Angola, which is a source of clean energy that can be exported to Europe and to anyone who needs it", said the head of state, in an interview with RFI, granted on Monday (October 25) after having participated in the 8th Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa.

The President also referred that energy production in the country is mainly hydroelectric, assuming itself as a "clean source" and mentioned the investments that have been made in the field of solar energy.

"Fortunately, we have important waterways. Energy production in Angola is mainly hydroelectric, it is not polluting. It is a clean source. We are also making important investments in solar, we started in the province of Benguela, two important parks have already been inaugurated. We are going to make a much bigger investment than that of Benguela in the south of Angola, namely in Namibe, Huíla, Cunene", he advanced. 

Regarding the regions that suffer from the drought, João Lourenço pointed out that they have already "guaranteed American financing with the guarantee of the American bank", in the case of "a project that will start soon".

Asked when municipal elections can be expected, the President said it would be "when there are conditions".

"When there are conditions. As you know, the municipal legislative package is not finished. In the meantime, I cannot, if you allow the expression, call elections", he said, in statements to RFI.

Regarding the forum, the head of state told RFI that the reason that led to the invitation to participate in the event was because at the Malabo summit they "placed him in the position of champion of peace and security on the continent".

"We think it was because the Malabo summit, which took place in May, put me in the position of champion of peace and security on the continent. Since the main subject of this Dakar forum is peace and security, I think that it makes perfect sense that the continent's champion of peace and security would be the special guest of this edition".

He was also asked about the Rwanda-Democratic Republic of Congo conflict, to which the head of state said they were "optimistic".

"We are quite optimistic in general, more specifically in relation to this conflict. We have plenty of reasons to be optimistic, since some positive steps have already been taken, in the sense of resolving the conflict, namely, and as I mentioned in the room, the the fact that there was an exchange of prisoners, with our mediation. In addition to the fact that the meeting of the bilateral or mixed commission between the two countries took place in Luanda or the fact that the two heads of state spoke again, at less by telephone. They have spoken with some regularity and not only by telephone, even now in New York, on the sidelines of the United Nations Assembly, they both spoke, in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron. We are satisfied and we believe that the most as soon as possible we will reach an outcome of the conflict", he said, in an interview with RFI.

He also referred that what remains to be done "is, of course, to end the conflict, but there is little, little, little left", adding that he was "to go to Kinshasa, at the first opportunity I can" and that he proposed to go to Kigali and, whoever you know, end up in Luanda.

About when this will happen, João Lourenço said that "as soon as possible". "Our calendars were conditioned to this electoral period, which has already ended. From now on, we will take this dossier with force", he added.

João Lourenço, in the interview with RFI, also regretted what is happening in Mozambique: "Unfortunately, Mozambique is going through a bad moment and, with that, the whole world is suffering, because if Mozambique were at peace, the world would would already benefit from the gas produced there, in Cabo Delgado. He was not present, but we are here to represent him".


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