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UNITA says TC ruling was "merely political" to prevent alternation in 2022

UNITA President Isaías Samakuva said this Wednesday that the Constitutional Court ruling that led to the removal of Adalberto da Costa Júnior was “merely political” and was intended to divide the party and make the alternation of power impossible.

: Borralho Ndomba/DW
Borralho Ndomba/DW  

Samakuva's position is contained in the final communiqué of the 1st extraordinary meeting of the Political Commission of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), which this Wednesday scheduled the XIII Ordinary Congress for until December 4th and was also assumed by the members of the organ deliberative that considered that this ruling "encloses a political trap" and aimed to "bring down the social movement for change".

At this Wednesday's meeting, the members of the political commission addressed the political and social context in Angola, as well as the internal life of the party, according to the statement read by Clarice Caputo, at the SOVSMO complex, in Viana, the usual place for the magna meetings of the party of the "Black Rooster".

The communiqué also refers to the party president's appeals "for unity, serenity and tranquility".

The members of the political commission also condemned "the setback of the Democratic Rule of Law in Angola with the kidnapping of the institutions of the Republic by the ruling party through the secret services and psychological action offices", with consequences "in the submission of the courts to orders superiors; in the control of the media by the ruling party; in the worrying partisanship of the defense and security organs; in the repression of the right to demonstrate; and in the disrespect for human rights".

UNITA also sympathized with the position taken by CEAST in its last annual plenary, which called for political parties to contain the political environment and appealed to those over 18 years of age to update their electoral register, with a view to training to vote and take the lead in the democratic alternation in 2022.

They also expressed concern about the progressive deterioration of the economic and financial situation of Angolans, and urged the Executive to take the necessary measures with a view to alleviating the prices of basic food basket products, also showing solidarity with the populations of southern Angola severely affected by the consequences of the it dries up and calls for this calamity to be a factor of effective brotherhood and not be used for partisan political ends.

The holding of the XIII Congress was approved this Wednesday by the political commission with 222 votes (94.9 percent) in favour, one (1) vote against (0.4 percent) and eleven (11) abstentions (4.7 percent) and its schedule is defined until 4 December 2021.