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Turkish President defends bringing Africa closer to a fairer world

The President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, defended this Monday, during his visit to Angola, “a new era of relations” between his country and Africa, guaranteeing that the approximation of Turkey to African countries aims to create a fairer world.

: Lusa

"We want a fairer world," said the head of the Turkish executive in the main hall of the Presidential Palace, where he was received in the morning by his counterpart João Lourenço and after signing seven legal instruments to strengthen cooperation with Angola.

In what he considered to be a "historic visit", about three months after having received the Angolan President in his country, Erdogan highlighted the importance of enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries and pointed out some areas with potential for cooperation such as defence, energy, culture, agriculture, trade and tourism, adding that another objective is visa facilitation.

"We are going to take the next steps so that trade relations can move forward," he stated, expressing his desire to foster trade exchanges.

"Our entrepreneurs are going to do a lot of business that will contribute to increasing employment", he highlighted, praising the reforms that João Lourenço is undertaking.

The Turkish head of state also praised Angola's contribution to maintaining and promoting peace in the region and stressed that Turkey is inaugurating a new era of relations with Africa, giving as an example the importance given to the region by the 43 Turkish embassies that currently exist. on the mainland.

He stated that Angola, colonized by Portugal for 400 years, was the target of exploitation of its natural resources by the West, "an injustice" that also occurred with France, which blamed for the death of thousands of Africans, "massacred" in countries like Rwanda and Algeria.

"This is not fair and unfortunately it continues. We want a fairer world and for that we need to work together," urged Erdogan, saying that if "there is fear" the evil in Africa will continue.

"We have to look for our rights to have a fairer world", he stressed, calling for cooperation.

Erdogan also spoke about the meetings that will be held in Turkey in the coming months, with a focus on Africa, including an economic forum on October 21st and 22nd and an Africa-Turkey summit, between December 16th and 18th, to which he invited João Lourenço.

The Angolan President recalled the recent visit to Turkey, at the end of July, when cooperation agreements were also signed, and noted that the inauguration of air links between the two countries, last week, will bring Luanda closer to Turkey, stimulating economic and tourism.

The head of state also underlined that ties between the two countries will be confirmed in the future, noting that some of the companies that make up the Turkish delegation are already working with Angolan ministers from different sectors in which they are interested in investing.

João Lourenço also stressed that Angola occupies a strategic position on the continent, being a member of three sub-regions (Community for the Development of Southern Africa, International Conference of the Great Lakes Region and Economic Community of Central African States) and that Turkey is working on strengthening ties with Angola and will also allow the country to reach these regions.