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UNITA criticizes discourse on State of the Nation without addressing electoral law

UNITA deputy Arlete Chimbinda said that the State of the Nation speech given by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, fell short of expectations, criticizing the exclusion from the electoral law.


"One of the issues is related to the electoral law, which the President returned to the Assembly. As it was his proposal, he had the opportunity to clarify what he intends to do, so that we can be sure that a free, fair and transparent election is planned. President avoided this aspect", commented Arlete Chimbinda in the National Assembly, at the end of the opening ceremony of the new legislative year, where João Lourenço took stock of the State of the Nation.

The deputy of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) also lamented the fact that the head of State has not focused on the issue of the media, which has been accused of lack of exemption, that is, "does not give the same opportunities to all political actors".

"The President could have clarified here for us to be sure that the media has this guarantee to play this role impartially, the President did not touch on this matter", she said.

Another issue highlighted by the deputy, which in her opinion deserved some opinion, analysis or even the perspective of João Lourenço, has to do with the judiciary.

"We also point the finger at the way the judiciary acts in our country and the President of the Republic simply ignored this aspect. Therefore, from everything that has been said, I think these three points deserved the attention of the highest dignitary of the Republic , so that people know what he thinks about it and so we can do the parting of the waters.

Unfortunately, he ignored these aspects [and fell] short of expectations," she stressed.